Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Day On The Root With Jed

 The last two days were spent fishing with Jed Fitzpatrick, Outfitter of Sula Mountain Fly Fishing, on the upper and middle Bitterroot River. Jed is one of the best anglers you could ever hope to share a boat with. I was stoked when he replied to my lets go fishing text with a, "4 sure." It was finally time to dig out the boats after a long winter.
We wanted to scout out some early season upper river fishing for up coming guide trips. We did an afternoon float the first day, on some water that can really fish well this time of year. The day started sunny and almost warm turning into cold and windy by the takeout. We decided to cover as much water as we could throwing streamers to get a tell on how active the fish were. Fish were caught and beer was drank, it was a fine afternoon indeed.   
a nice brown to start the day
This cutty had big plans


After a beer and quick bite to eat over at Bitter Root Brewing, we kicked off day two and decided to head a little further down river. We wanted to see if we couldn't find a big brown or rainbow that was willing to eat a big streamer. We turned plenty of fish throughout the day, with one big one that came un-buttoned shortly after hooking up. As usual it was another great day spent with a good friend doing what we love.

Another beauty of a day on the root