Friday, November 25, 2016

Montana Thanksgiving, or What You Wonder While In Canada

The holidays have finally arrived with the mammoth turkey feast starting out the season of over-indulgence. Thanksgiving has got to be my favorite holiday of the season because it is the only time it is socially acceptable to eat stuffing. Lots and lots of stuffing. We ol' Marauders have been hard at it in steelhead camp for most of the past month, renewing our thankfulness for warm temperature-controlled spaces. We learned some things from last seasons trip to the North Lands : Namely, depending on your phone plan data can get extremely expensive while abroad in Canada. Watch out AT&T users. This was realized by our crew last year while driving through Calgary and badly needing some Google guidance. This year them phones were permanently silenced once we hit the border, which is by and a large a great thing: This is a serious fishing trip after all and phones are always a distraction. A month-long isolation for instagram, facebook, and USA POLITICS is good for the soul anytime and lets you get even more into the fishing addiction than normal.

Pretty Rad. Still No Wifi. 

Not having that ol' Wikipedia crutch to stand on tho leads to a lot of temporarily unanswerable questions. So many so that we made a list of the most memorable ones for confirmation upon our arrival home. While I enjoy a good yarn as much as the next guide (lets face it guiding is at least 70% yarn-spinning anyway) but I also know what a good drunken debate for what it is : Bullshit. Jetstreams of it flying every which way. Needless to say the more raunchy wonderings have been left out. But your imaginations will suffice to fill in the rest. . .

Name of iconic African tree?  Baobab, or "monkey bread" tree

Where are most Geodes found? Deserts with old volcanic activity

Do mice like the smell of watermelon? Hell yeah they do!

How much does the Lexus LFA Supercar cost? $375,000

Did Dangermouse produce a gorillaz album? Demon Days, also three Black Keys albums


Others. . . .

Who was Bell / Irving?

Average precipitation of Smithers BC?  20 inches / year

Why is all the beer in Canada weak as sh%$?? Unknown

Population of Calgary? 1.09 Million

Native name / meaning of Skeena? Unknown