Monday, February 17, 2014

Montana River Bass

There is something about being in the grips of a winter storm that makes memories of the summer more fond. One of my favorite days of fishing from the past season was a day spent with Alex and Outfitter Jed Fitzpatrick chasing bass and pike.

 Fly fishing in Montana is without question centered around trout, so for the three of us it was a nice change of pace in the middle of the guide season. These two had never fished for bass in Montana and especially never with fly rods. We chose a stretch of river that I have spent plenty of time on in years past. It is the kind of place where on any cast you could catch a smallmouth or largemouth bass, pike, or a rainbow trout that can stretch as long as your arm.

 On this day we caught or hooked all of the above, although the pike were few and far between. Words cannot begin to describe how excited I am to get back out chasing bass and pike with these guys. Only a few short months and a lot of snow to get through before we will be back.


A nice Montana bull moose
A-Train with the Smallmouth of the day.
Jed hooked up with a large trout.






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