Friday, June 27, 2014

Dry Fly Heaven

Dry fly fishing it where its at. While we all are big fans of the subsurface streamer game there is no denying that an explosive take on a dry fly is about as good as it gets. Mend, Drift, Set all day long.

We have been having plenty of action lately in the Bitterroot thanks to piles of Salmonflies crawling their way through bushes and gravel bars, inevitably falling into the water for waiting trout. This week our old client Jack Krimmer and friends have been hitting the river with us searching for the elusive hatch. These fish all came up for the big bugs over the past week, come rain or shine they have been putting a smile on clients faces and making for awesome days. Add a few streamer eats in along the way and you have the recipe for success.

Special thanks to Jack, Bert, and John for the awesome fish!

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