Friday, September 19, 2014

Autumn River Notes

Well its about gosh dang time: After a long hot summer the changing colors of the cottonwoods are finally marking the beginning of Autumn. Whats not to love about fly fishing in the fall? The changing colors , the cooler temperatures , fewer folks to share the river with, and plenty of big fish making the most of their last chance at easy pickins. Whether flicking dry flies during the wee morning hours or stripping the big silver foxes at dusk the trout fishing is as good as it gets. Warmer rivers like the Clark Fork really come into their own with active fish and strong hatches, while ice cold headwaters of the Bitterroot get a rest from boat traffic and the lower stretches come alive. Lots of days left before steelhead season drags us away from the trout water, just enough to find the fish of the year maybe?

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