Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Can a Brother Get a Brown?

Another gorgeous week of fall fishing in western Montana. Winter may be right around the corner but your wouldn't know that from the weather recently: Cold snaps yes but generally super pleasant conditions for this our closing month of Bitterroot trout fishing. Afternoon hatches of Mahoganies and BWO's are keeping the fish consistently on the feed while the big boys are staking out territory for the spawn. Once the weather finally takes a turn to winter we'll break out the 9-weights and start looking for a Steelhead or two. November anyone?

Around these parts it has been lights-out knock-down drag-out fishing for the normally elusive Salmon trutta, aka Bronw trout, aka "man in the brown suit", aka Andre3000. That last one is not actually a euphemism for brown trout but when a big one finally engulfs my streamer i am liable to yell just about anything, such as"Geronimo!" or  "F*ck yeah randy!". Enthusiasm and persistence are good traits for any kind of fishing but especially so for the intermittent action you get from big browns: Some runs have em', most runs do not, and by golly i'm going to cast to every single one of them. Add a little bit of non-trout wildlife and you have yourself a postcard Montana autumn day.

Power eagles



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  1. Chris looks like a burley man sporting that beard!