Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Skwalas and Spring Meltdown

Spring is finally, fully underway these days and not a moment too soon: For those of us working through the dark winter months the cabinfever can get to be an ever-present chiming in the background, an itch for the outdoors and moving water that is a tough one to scratch. The spring equinox often signals the end of this dark stretch of the fishermans' calendar and the beginning of some of the best trout fishing of the year: Trout and angler alike seem emerge from hibernation with renewed passion for all things flyfishing. No better way to kick off the season on the Bitterroot then with a little dry fly action in the overcast!

With the warming temperatures comes the first major topwater action of the year with the hallowed Skwala stonefly. Though only a harbinger of the monster stonefly hatches of summer Skawals are a delicious early season morsel for the trout hungry from a long winter of slim pickings. Despite the throngs of eager rods patrolling the shoreline the it can be a notoriously hit-or-miss hatch for the angler. Quite a few of the rather helpless insects need to be on the water to get the trout's attention, but when they do the feed is fully on: A big Cutthroat can't help but slurp such a easy meal no matter where it happens to find it. Of course no Skwala fishing trip would be complete without that glorious spring weather. Tshirts and balmy sunshine one moment and spitting all kinds of sleety nasty snow pellets the next. Its always a good idea to plan on wearing the Gortex. All of it.

Best Spots Ever

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