Saturday, August 29, 2015

Coach's Corner : Throwback Thursday Scott Edition

Scott Week is always a good week long trip for the BRG crew. The Scotts have been making this annual father & son outing for many years now with Alex and this year I found fortune when I was invited on their annual excursion to the "ROOT" as one of their guides.  For three days these enthusiastic fellas worked every inch of water with expectant enthusiasm. From spruce moths to the big bug we threw them all, caught a handful of fish, and maybe created a few vivid fishing stories along the way.

My Lady Anna made some "huckleberry buckle" for the guys,  Hey Mike he likes it!

This was the first year this trip occured during the now semi-annual "Hoot Owl" period of the summer. We knew it was coming.  A little earlier than expected but it's what's best for the fish right?  Now how does a guide still make memories happen for those adventurers that put away time and money to enjoy our back yard and what it has to offer?  "Simple?"  "Maybe?" Getting an early start will work, at least help us out greatly. Meet times at 6:00am will happen for the main stem of the Root and if the West Fork is on the menu then you will witness the boat hatch that comes off at the normal hours of 8:00 to 10:00am.  But this years Hoot Owl is not as bad as it may sound.  Find the right guide, be optimistic, plan ahead, make those shots and put it in front of the fish and BANG magic happens.

Working Spruce moths in the canyon

Grilled pork chops on the river  BRG style!!

Mike and his boys have a passion for the wild side and it showed during this week.

Both a Fish and a Story Ahead: Mike Scott Rock!
What do a broken rowing seat, 16" cutty, and a perfectly placed rock have in common? 
 A predicament!!!
Thank goodness Alex can walk on water and Mike has nerves of steel!  Definitely a memory maker but then I guess you really had to be there.  Thanks for being there A-Train.

Fish flop!  Take that Human! 


  1. Sorry for the late post. One of the most memorable trips of the year. Until next time. Tight lines brothers.

  2. Thanks for a great trip Chad. Hope to see you in DC this spring. A big shout out to Alex too.

  3. Thanks for posting Chad. This brought a nice smile to my dad's face...mine too! We all had a great time. Anxiously waiting for 2016.

  4. We'll be looking for that rock in about three weeks Chad.