Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Missoula Browntown

Chuck n' duck, helmets on assault has been the mantra of late for my boat no matter the river. Mo'. Blackiefoot. Bitterroot. And of course the Clark. A short afternoon float last week on the trusty Clark Fork almost out did all the aforementioned rivers with a brownie haul that placed as one of the best streamer routes of the year. Some runs had nothing, while others (one run in particular breaking the total trout-pounds-per-hole hole safety limit) overflowing with feisty toothy hunters. Having a few days off these days to take advantage of such red-hot action is a blast, one which I will be taking every possible advantage of from here until ice up. Ice up is going to happen this year, right??

It's been a low water year for western Montana and the fishing in some areas has suffered. But in keeping with their reputation and breeding,  Browns do not give a shit.  #zeroshitsgiven.  They just sulk til the weather is right, til the days are shorter and the bait fish weaker, and Blamo! Coming out at you all gangbusteres, two jaws swinging , teeth and attitude in equal measure wrapped in golden buttery brown. Just like in the movies these ruthless killers are sharply dressed and have impeccable teeth. Where they go there ain't no cutthroats . Few rainbows too. And like the Professor once chimed "where we are going we don't need roads". Just rafts.

"Its a live ball!!"

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