Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fathers Day Fishing Report

Today is Fathers Day. We Marauders are all taking a day off the river this fine Sunday to gather for some BBQ-ing, golf watching, and long overdue family time. Summer Solstice and full moon happening tomorrow which makes this seem like an appropriate time to pause and reflect on the important things. Family. Freedom. Flyfishing. These days getting the Dads out on the boat is reserved more and more for preseason bundled-up missions down the low river looking for the first dry fly eat of the year. Summertime funtime sandel floats are a rare event that we can manage to pull off only occasionally. This year we pulled off one such mid June half-day shot through the town stretch, throwing a grill and a few Rainbows down to mark the seasonal turn into summer. We had a great roll yesterday with the old men showing us how its done with a bunch of nice fish eating on top. Next fathers day will include a stop at Hamilton golf course for good measure. It is Open week after all and the golfing and flyfishing persuasion is really one in the same.

(U.S. Open Bulletin : My money is riding on a late come-from-behind win for Dustin Johnson)

Dryfly Primetime Reduex
Basic "what to expect" report is as follows. Big dry flies continue to be the float-fishing ammo of choice. BUT. When there are pods take that damm foam floaty thing off and flick an imitative sneaky mayfly at them. Pretend you're a predator, not just a be-speckled rod waver.  The Pale Morning Dun is the ruler of the early summer trout diet and our afternoon hatches have been very good this year. Anything yellow in a # 14 should get the job done, nothing to techie this early in the year for us. Sleeper bite in the afternoons is the smaller Bitterroot Goldens. Fish a #10 or #12 down-wing pattern (foam, trude, parachute, etc.) as a searching fly when the fish don't seem to be keyed on anything in particular. There are a lot of these bugs flying around this year and the fish chew them with conviction, more so (I feel) even than their larger and more famous Californica cousins. Its godamm gorgeous out there right now, all the Stones' are out rolling in droves right now, bring your best flybox and find the daily favorite!

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