Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth O' July : Sunburned Shirts

Independence day. Happy Birthday, Merica'. July 4th is my favorite summer holiday, because it has fireworks. And who doesn't love setting off fireworks ? (responsibly or otherwise). Hide the dogs inside if they are of the skittish kind and give all the kids sparklers. Add time in the shade having a cold one with the good people and a BBQ , well there just ain't much better than that. Gather around with your favorite people and toast to the great Red White and Blue!!!

As for the fishing : Another day, another amazing dryfly haul from lower Bitterroot. West side Montana. Gotta be here to believe it, truly one of the better summers in years for consistent hatch activity and large trout. From the Forks all the way down to Stevensville fish are eating on top. Don't have to be a master at the fly-flicking trade to git it done right now. Just gotta be in the water and drift long enough for a fish to find it. Save the droppers and nymph rigs for August dog days, keep the faith that the fish will eat the dry and they will.


* #14 PMD Thorax
* #10 BRG Green Drake Para
* #16 Deer Hear Ant
* #8 Rastaman Golden
* #8 Foam Hopper (pink, tan, yellow, or even boysenberry why not )

Double Power Eagle

And now for some chill summer backyard tunes. . ..

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