Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bitterroot River Guides In Andros

Hot off the presses and back from a week in the Bahamas BRG mainstays Jed and Chris are all about the salt. Saltwater is the new frontier for us Montana-bound trout hounds based on the astounding week these two had hunting bonefish and tarpon and partying like back in the day.

There will be more coming on this trip from Chris so stay tuned. Check out the freshest fresh here!

Andros Tarpon BRG

As for fishing prospects in western MT it is looking good. Very good. Some of the wettest snow of the year fell last night and looks to continue for the weekend. There hasn't been this kind of late winter wet snow in years and they always lead to epic dry fly years. Get ready people its going to be one for the ages. Stay tuned from brown trout pics as well, they will be coming in fast and thick.

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