Sunday, May 18, 2014

Big Hole Valley Magic

All the talk of high water and blow out rivers had me itchy to get out fishing. It just so happened that a few college buddies were in town, so a quick trip to the Big Hole valley for some camping and streamer chucking was in order. With lower flows than other freestone rivers, and less people than the local tail-waters, the Big Hole was an easy choice for our destination. This valley is one of my favorite places in Montana, so time spent there is always cherished. The first day started with hot and heavy fishing. Brook trout were throwing themselves at our streamers for the first few miles of the float, keeping the beer flowing and smiles wide. This stretch is known for having lower numbers of brown trout, but the ones that are there are usually large. I was lucky enough to run into one towards the end of the day on a big articulated streamer. Life is good.

Trent with the fish, Ricky with the hold
The second day began early, cold, and overcast....perfect for streamer fishing! We found plenty of willing participants as we floated towards the town of Wise River. As the day progressed, and the river swelled with runoff, we bobbered up and went deep with stonefly rigs. Put the bugs in front of them and they would eat. This was enough to keep us happy until a hail storm ran us off the river.

Its always a good time when this group gets together so the solid fishing was only a bonus for us.  I am beginning to get antsy for upcoming guide days that will take me back to the amazing Big Hole valley. 

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