Saturday, May 10, 2014

On The Road: The Box Canyon

Driving into Idaho after pillaging the Madison we set up camp at Harriman State Park. Home of the Miracle Mile and its world famous giant Rainbows we had some hope that maybe the Henrys Fork would give us a peek of what its reputation is all about. That was before we checked to graph and saw the waters volumes on a steep climb, and a weather forecast with the dreaded W plastered all over it. Thats the way she blows sometimes.

A checkin with the solid fish hawks down at  Trouthunter  got us going with plan B. "Go check out the Box guys, its running big but pretty clear and theres more fish up there than you know what to do with". Thats music to a wind-whipped fisherman's ears right there. We floated the Box twice and pulled plenty of fish, all rainbows under bobbers and coming out of the water hot. We now have a new favorite spot in Island Park, one which we will sit on until the fabled Henrys Fork stops being such a windy bitch.

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