Sunday, August 17, 2014

Go Fishing In The Rain: It Pays

So the weekend comes and the bleak forecast comes true: Rain, wind, chance of hail, unpleasant angling conditions for all on board. What is a trout-starved flyfisherman to do?

Well go fishing, obviously.

I got out last week with Bitterroot River Guides outfitter Jed Fitzpatrick on one of these touch n' go weather days, days that can go well or go very poorly.  With their guides promising big fish moving in the rainy conditions our clients were up to deal with whatever the weather had in store. A few solid Cutties eating in the morning drizzle kept us in the game and fishing hard. By noon the rain lifted into a low calm overcast, the kind of weather that sets off any guides spider sense: "if i were a big fish, i would be looking to eat something big RIGHT NOW". And then something like this happens.. . . . . .

Great fish Mike, definitely one of the better Bows' of the summer!