Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summertime Rolls: Mothman Edition

Being on the river every day means you get to see all phases, its ups and downs, strong days and off days, and always getting in on the first day of the next hatch. After a few slower-than-average floats, this past week busted wide open with the ultimate ghost hatch, "The Moth". From the Blackfoot to the Big Hole word from fly-flickers everywhere was a resounding "hell yeah!" as the first summer mini-slump became a thing of memory. Kinda tearing them up right now. Too many fish in a run to feed them all. Just take your bakers dozen and move on.

My personal motto in flyfishing is always "GO HEAVY". Not heavy metal, heavy tippet. When the hatch is on and fish are crushing bugs do not pussy-foot around: Rope up and go nail some toads. This requires strong tippet to be done properly. I hate braking off fish, especially if its a client fish of exceptional size. After a couple of days of solid hatch activity my clients started landing fish with previous anglers flies in their mouths. Sometimes several. Without fail these flies "had" been attached to said anglers rods with delicate, wispy, gossamer strands of 5x or lighter tippet. You have no chance at horsing that 18" Rainbow through a freestone rapid on 5x. Its not sporting, its silly. The obvious best choice guides choice is Trouthunter , in this case 3x by the arm length and blood-knotted on tighter than Fort Knox. Thats 8.2lbs of hook-setting confidence. It is nice to know that when the fish of the season decides to mouth karate chop your fly that you have the tackle to land him. And thats enough tackle ranting for now. . . . . . .

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