Thursday, June 25, 2015

Coach's Corner "Thor's Bloody Hammer"

Thor’s Bloody Hammer
This blog is a little late but I think you will enjoy it.

                "Tie, tie, tie."  That is the mantra and the routine for this pilgrim as I energetically create what I know, or at least think, will make the trout look up, or tempt the denizen from the deep to chase my offering.  Unlike those "funhogs" that spend their winters chasing elk and fishing far off waters for steelhead, some of us guides actually have jobs in the off season that keep us busy during the long winter months.  And so my bench sees me every day after school or coaching tying at least a couple dozen flies that will keep the clients on fish.  It is much more than just stocking the fly boxes that compel me to tie, it is therapy!  Relaxing with two fingers of Jameson or a glass of wine and my stack of hair and feathers, I perform what has become a healing ritual.

               "What will it be today? " The vice beckons me.  Cripples?  More parachutes?  No, not rubber legs!  I got it!  Streamers, big streamers!  Really big streamers! The kind that make pike take notice.  I’m going to need a big hook and lots of hair, marabou, Zonker strips, and goofy looking bug eyes.  The recipe reveals itself as I start wrapping.  A self-taught tier, with tutoring from a few masters, I begin my creation.

So it goes as it has for the past 35 years of tying.  Each wrap holds a piece of feather, some tinsel, peacock hurl, etc.  I like what I am doing.  I can see the pike stalking this fly.  It’s going to need to be heavy.  The next fly is weighted heavy with thick gauged lead.  More hair for volume and marabou, yes, marabou, that will give it life.  What do they eat?  Perch? Sunfish?.... Trout?!!  Oh the thrill.  I must do battle. I am selfish and will not share my trout willingly.  Yes, that looks nice.  I toast myself to the creation and celebrate with Sir Jameson. 

                                                                Pumpkin Seed  Pike fodder!

Two flies and I have been on the vice for half an hour.  Like other fly tiers who think they have the next best fly ever created, I am stingy and selfish, no way am I going to share this fly.  I need at least six of these for this trip.   Vary the color… one should look like a trout, one dark, one bright.  I like this one, I will duplicate it, it will be the lucky fly.  Like so many self-made creations I wonder if there has ever been another like it.  Have I created a truly unique fly?  No of course not!  The methods, techniques and advice from tying sages have influenced its birth but it did come from me and I am the great creator of this fly.  So I shall name it “Thor’s Bloody Hammer”.  Much more masculine and regal than “Cat Vomit”, or “Sex Dungeon”!  Whoa that’s cool! 

Will it fish?



                                                               It Worked for Bridger

                                                      And For Me!

                                                                Somewhere near Thompson Falls at dusk

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