Wednesday, June 24, 2015

(Post) Fathers Day Fishing Report

*Sometime during the Montana fishing season we Marauders find ourselves a step behind the calendar on all things that do not involve being on the river. Like editing pics for this blog, just for random example. The title for this post is three days late for that reason but here we are, better late than never. .*

Its no secret that even on a rare summer day off from guiding we usually find a way to sneak in a short float anyway. Bitterroot, Big Hole, maybe a low Clark Fork day? Whoever said "the only way to cure a man of his folly was to make him persist in it" never met a flyfisherman: I have been happily engaged in this particular form of human folly for eighteen years now and still have seen no reason to change. It takes a truly Herculean amount of fishing to make me consider a non-fishing activity as a good expenditure of a glorious free afternoon. What am I going to do, weed the garden? Please. . .

What Golden Hatch?

It only follows that with this (past) weekend being Fathers Day a float trip was in order, a few of us rowing the Dads around and enjoying some excellent early summer fishing. A little grilling, a cigar or two, and a handful of feisty cutthroat all just a great way to spend time with the old men and keep us boys honest about our fishing tales. Now with many of our fathers living in the Bitterroot or nearby there exists the potential for this to finally become an annual event. Nothing I would rather be doing.

As for the fishing: It is really good right now. Dry Or Die. Droppers should be left at home for another day, maybe next month when the hatches wane and the river shrinks to its mid-summer low. Flies of the day are large mayflies, #10 golden stones, and any #14 tannish caddis if you want to be one of those guys. Find a riser and flick a fly at him, he will probably eat it. Get out and enjoy while its good and most definitely take the old man out too.

Find The Lurking Rainbow. . ?

Nymph Party

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