Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Clark Fork Weekend

The Ol' Clark Fork is coming back folks, it's coming back I say to all those anglers who will listen. The downturn in fishing quality following the Miltown dam removal is a quickly shrinking specter in the rearview mirror with ever increasing numbers of willing Rainbows occupying the Missoula town stretch. The blizzard PMD hatches of yesteryear might be a few seasons off yet but the overall fishing action is coming back around fast. Add to that lower numbers of anglers and guide boats than either the Blackfoot or Bitterroot and you have an excellent sneaky option for those rainy Griz Game mornings.

I got out on the Clark last week with clients and it fished so well I had to take some friends along for another dip. Guide by day, weekend warrior by night. The weather did what it could to keep us away with some rain & hail squalls that only the best gortex raingear could deal with. Despite these periods of hiding in the trees the fishing lived up to expectations with plenty of chunky rainbows swiping at flies and few hitting the net. A few beers with the brothers on a lonesome stretch of streamer water? This is what fall fishing is all about.

Rain? What Rain?

Buffalo Spirit w/ another nice Bow

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