Sunday, September 13, 2015

When The Browns Are Knocking.

Well well well. This is why I stick around after a long summer on the river and stay firmly seated in the rowers chair. Holy smokes people : You want to talk about a solid start to fall fishing. I had mentioned a certain reason why I love fishing this time of year in Bitterroot September Outlook: Its buttery golden brown colored, toothy, and very very randy. "Fuck Yeah Randy". I will be saying that mantra early and often if this last weeks low river Brown trout haul keeps coming. I mean sometimes the river god just smiles and there's a kyped out tank lurking under every single bush and tree. Seemingly anyway, sometimes you just have to believe that a trout is waiting in that shadow and BOOM. Blamo. Kill bubba kill. In between days like this and the ever-growing allure of lazy days floating the Clark Fork and I feel I will be a very busy fly-slinger this fall. Countdown til British Columbia and giant steelhead can wait another few weeks, I got brownies to catch!

Oh yeah, also caught a pike.

Pay no attention to the man behind the greenish brown trout


  1. A-Train be smoking some Fall Pork. Nice job brother!!

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