Thursday, August 4, 2016

Blackfoot Weekend

The ol Blackfoot is a favorite of many Missoulians and world famous for the obvious reason. With the story of The Movie being based on the Blackfoot and it's surrounding communities it's a kind of fertile crescent for the flyfishing industry whether we like to admit it or not. I have often scoffed at this famous river for being home to too damm many inner-tubers and, well, not enough consistent, large dry fly fish to warrant the hype. Well, by golly I might be a' changing my mind after floating there last week. With some repeat clients in tow and a new river on the brain we headed north at first light to give the old Blackfoot a try.

Every now and then during a guide season a river shows up and delivers on its reputation, lock stock and barrel with cutties flying everywhere. Scenery, weather, big fish, and solitude all come together into a perfect storm. A little jaunt up north to bull trout country was a welcome break from the usual stretches of familiar water.  Good fishing or not you can only row the same river so many days in a row before the crankiness sets in. The "guide glaze" from a month straight on the river is something we all fight. Tho we didn't tangle with any Bullies chasing our cutthroat to the net we gave them every opportunity, hooking into a bushel of nice trout all on the dry. Just enough of them, in fact, to make me wonder if I should stop on my seasonal drives to the Missouri for more than just a beer break at Trixies.

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