Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Fire Season: Fire On The Mountain

Big fire rolling through the national forest outside of Hamilton today. Roaring Lion Fire is the latest reminder of how hot and dry our forests are and how fast one can blow up on you. Starting at 2pm yesterday and growing to over 2,000 acres in five hours is just amazing. I have a front row seat from my house watching helicopters bomb it, dipping low in the foothills to refill buckets and circle back for another pass. The highway is a constant flow of emergency vehicles and fire equipment. Last night the glow reached all the way through the foothills around Ward Mountain. All of Goat Mountain ablaze. I'm praying for my friends whose homes are in danger right now and my friends and family fighting this blaze. Be safe up there Brothers! The darker more dangerous side of living in the rocky mountain west is coming home big time right now.

Check out Inciweb for the latest:

Evening View From Homestead

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