Thursday, October 20, 2016

Autumn Finale : Bitterroot Gold Rush

A rainy day in the Bitterroot and a chance to finish up a long-overdue post. Plenty of fish have been hitting the net these last few weeks and they all seem to look a little bit bigger in the autumn light. Maybe its the rich gold ambient color from the turning cottonwoods or the latent knowledge that the season is winding to a close that makes each strike better than the last. Hell, the next one might actually BE the last one for a long cold winter. Funny how a season worth of memories can compress into a single flash when a big fish swims off back into the deep. All the good people and times out on rivers throughout the state. Taking time gotta soak it up while we can is important to me every day but this time of year it seems to hit with a little more weight. I don't know, sentimental or some similar feeling. . ..

It has been a good month for catching up on this blog and sharing pictures accumulating from the busy wind-down to the guiding season. Only another week until it's off to British Columbia searching for the steelhead of a lifetime. The cleaning and cooking for weeks in camp is done with only a few tasks still remaining (such as packing all said food into the always-too-small coolers). Steelhead season is the definite turning of the calendar moment when the trout rods go away, the boxes of sneaky dry flies along with them and an entire different suit of weather-proof armor comes our of the closet for action. Nothing but bears, snow, and steelhead where we are heading. We have been dreaming of this for awhile now, its finally time to make the pilgrimage to the northlands. Wilder mountains await. Until Thanksgiving, see ya's.

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