Thursday, October 6, 2016

Missouri River Trout Camp USA 2016

Things That October means for the Marauders:

SF Giants Baseball

Preparing For British Columbia

Canning & Wood Splitting

Trout Camp on the Mighty Missouri

This past weekend saw us take care of the last list item in style, taking over a large portion of Craig campground with fire, Makers, fly fishing and general revelry. This trip is the crescendo for our trout fishing for the season, the last swing at some giant dry fly fish before the sails are set for a different sort of swinging, that of the BC Steelhead kind. This is always listed high in the running of best times for fishing on the Mo' and we often take full advantage.

We were nine strong this year, all the regulars showing up from across Idaho and Montana for the double-birthday whiskey & dry fly showdown. These are the people that I would drive across damnation to fish with, college friends for seemingly forever and fishing partners through and through. The good people. When our raft armada from the rocky west side of the state cues up to take swings at pods in DriftBoatLandia the locals have to wonder if we have a clue or if we are just shooting in the dark. Rafts? On the Mo?? A quick stop at Headhunters is all you need, yo. Sarah, Ben & Co. keep the rods bent with the best bugs and fresh flourocarbon to boot. Sometimes they even hint at where all the really big fish are hanging. Anyway we found a few of them plus a nip at the old bottle of Dew, a pleasant sendoff to another excellent trout season. Until next year Mrs. Missouri. . . 

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